Buying Guide
Bring the beauty of stone into your home.
Marble is a softer stone which can stain or etch if it comes in contact with certain substances (vinegar, lemon, juice, alcohol or oils).  A sealer will generally take care of this problem, however it needs to be reapplied periodically to maintain the integrity of the seal.

Granite is an almost worry free surface that requires less maintenance.  It requires minimal sealing.  Granite is very hard and durable, and it is extremely stain resistant.  You can put hot pots and pans over it and even cut on it (although not recommended as it can dull your knifes).  Under normal use granite should not chip, crack or scratch.
Quartz/Engineered Stone is completely maintenance free and does not require sealing.  However it is not as heat resistant as granite and special care should be given when putting extremely hot pots and pans over Quartz surfaces.
Purchasing Process
  1.  ​​First, an estimate for the cost of the preparation, fabrication and installation needs to be determined.  Customers can provide a simple drawing/sketch of their existing countertops with rough measurements at the time of their visit to our showroom, where they can consult with our salespeople on choosing the type of the material (Quartz, Granite or Marble), design ideas and an estimated cost.  Your sketch could be emailed and your initial estimate could be done over the internet.
  2. Second, you can pick out the colour of the material.  When picking natural stone, customers can choose from a range of colours supplied by various stone vendors.  At this stage, Granite Stonework Ltd. will determine how many slabs will be needed for the project.  In most Quartz/Engineered Stone countertops, customers can safely pick from in-store samples as they are man-made and have consistent colours and patterns (unlike the natural stones).
  3. Once the material and colour selection have been made, we will obtain exact measurements of your space and create a digital template of the counters.  This is done with laser precision and provides the final cost estimate for the project.  If the terms are agreeable, a deposit is due at this time.
  4. After receiving the deposit and signing of the contract, Granite Stonework Ltd. will place the orders for slabs and schedule installation at the earliest available date.  It may take 2-3 business days for slab delivery to Granite Stonework's fabrication facility.  We will need about 5-10 business days to perform the fabrication.  The length of time will depend on the time of the year, material, and fabrication requirements.  Installation will generally take about 2 - 4 hours.  It is the customer's responsibility to reconnect their plumbing, electricity and gas hookups.  Final payment is due after the job is finished.